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Less time searching for leads, checking on competition, or wondering what the next big product is.

We have everything you need to know in one place.

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You focus on what you do best.

What's it have

List of top e-commerce stores

Breakdown of more than 1,500+ e-commerce stores.

store categorization

Easily filter through stores based on industry, product types, and store descriptions

web traffic and revenue estimates

Filter and sort by data on store's daily unique visitors, product price points, revenue estimates, and more.

top selling products

Quickly see what the top selling product is for every store.

social profiles and contact info

Direct links to Emails, Instagram accounts and Facebook pages

who's it for

store owners

The easiest way to keep an eye on other stores and identify ideas for future products.

influencers, bloggers, and more

Identify top stores in your category with contact info provided in less than 5 minutes

Online Services

Easy leads to grow your business with the hottest companies in e-commerce.


Browse through the catalogue and find the latest niche stores